Seek leads in brutal slaying of gay club owner

TORONTO — Police say they have no leads yet in the brutal slaying of Sandy LeBlanc, manager and part owner of Studio 11, a gay disco on Carlton Street.

In an interview with TBP, homocide Sergeant Julian Fantino asked that the message go out to the gay community that the police are ” extremely concerned ‘ ‘ about the murder, and are eager for “assistance from anyone in the gay community who can help. We especially want to talk to anyone who knew LeBlanc’s movements in the early hours of Wednesday, September 20.” LeBlanc was last seen at 3:15 Wednesday morning, presumably after leaving a party held at Studio 1 1 to celebrate its second anniversary.

Fantino emphasized that the police would treat any information given to them with the strictest confidence, and that names need never be made public. He agreed, however, that such individuals might be required to testify, and in that case would have to be public.

LeBlanc was the second gay man to have been murdered in a week, but gay spokespersons do not feel that the murders are related. An arrest has been made in the murder of Gerald Douglas White, which occurred only days before the LeBlanc killing. There have also been three arrests on charges of second degree murder in the death of Colin Nicholson, killed August 27 in a building next to the one in which LeBlanc lived .

According to George Hislop, President of the Community Homophile Association of Toronto, the murders that are related still have not seen any arrests. There have been a series of very similar murders
in Toronto in which gay men have been tied up, brutally beaten and killed.  “These recent murders are different,” said Hislop, “they appear to be unrelated and the police are arresting suspects.”

Anyone with information they feel may be of assistance to the police in the LeBlanc case should contact Sgt Julian Fantino, Homocide, at 967-2222.





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