James Stewart Kennedy, 49, was found strangled and beaten to death in his apartment on Jarvis St. on Monday, September 20th, 1976. Kennedy worked at the Department of National Revenue on Adelaide St., and his body was found when he failed to show up for work as usual. A towel had been knotted tightly around his neck and his face had been badly battered. The victim, a bachelor, had last been seen Saturday night.

Again, credit cards are missing. Kennedy’s neighbours describe him as “a recluse.” Kennedy was last seen at the St. Charles Tavern the night before he was killed.


The deaths of Harold Walkley, James Douglas Taylor, James Kennedy, Brian Latocki and Sandy Leblanc shared a similar element — overkill. The victims were slabbed many times. Two also had their heads beaten in. In three of the unsolved deaths, the victim was last seen leaving the St Charles Tavern on Yonge Street.


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