Friends and family said 22-year-old Seneca College graphic arts student Tatiana Anikejew was a bit of a loner.

According to cops, on Oct. 1, 1988, Anikejew was found stabbed to death in her apartment at 133 Broadway Ave., near Eglinton Ave. E. and Mount Pleasant Rd. She was nude and had been stabbed several times in the chest. She had lived in the apartment for the past two years.

Homicide detectives said she had been dead two or three days before her corpse was discovered by her mortified parents.

But in a chilling Kitty Genovese scenario, neighbours told cops they had heard screams in the early morning hours days before. No one investigated, nor did they call the police.

The stench of her rotting body and a blood trail on the building’s third floor did not move them to investigate or get help.

According to Smith, Anikejew kept to herself. She either knew or trusted the person who killed her.

“We believe Tatiana knew her killer and we have offender DNA in this case,” Smith said. “Tatiana was a young, vibrant member of our society murdered in the prime of her life.”

Police hunt killer in knifing of student – The apartment where Tatiana Anikejew, 22, was found showed signs of a struggle.

She was nude and had several stab wounds in the chest, but police were awaiting results to determine whether she had was sexually assaulted.

The graphic arts student at Seneca College lived alone in a three-storey brick walk-up near Eglinton Ave. and Mt. Pleasant Rd.

She was a loner who occasionally had a few girlfriends over on a Friday or Saturday night, neighbours said.

“No one really knew her too well in the building,” said Robert Wiggins, who lives across the hall.

The murder has renewed concerns in the neighbourhood about the presence of a halfway house for federal ex-convicts on Montgomery Ave., he said.

The victim’s Broadway Ave. apartment building is about two blocks from the halfway house, from which an ex-convict escaped and murdered another young woman earlier this year.

A coroner’s inquest into the slaying of Tema Conter was to begin today. (Copy of summary received, transcript requested.)

Conter was stabbed to death in her Balliol St. apartment a few blocks away. Her murderer, Melvin Glenn Stanton, was sentenced to life in prison.

Tenants in the Broadway Ave. apartment are scared said superintendent Yvonne Briden. TO Star October 3, 1988 A1

Stabbing victim probably knew her killer, police say – Detectives probing the slaying of Tatiana Anikejew could find no signs that the door to her apartment had been forced, leading them to conclude the attacker had somehow gained her confidence.

“There is a possibility that she knew her killer or the killer may have used a ruse to gain entry into her home,” said Staff Sergeant Neale Tweedy.

“It is known that she had a number of male friends,” Tweedy said. Police are investigating the possibility that she may have brought her attacker home from a bar, he said, but have so far drawn no conclusions.

The body of Anikejew, 22, was discovered Saturday by her parents. She was nude and had several stab wounds in the chest when found in her bachelorette suite, which police said showed signs of a struggle. The murder weapon has not yet been found.

Several neighbours reported hearing screams about 1 a.m. last Wednesday.

“We have talked to some people who knew of her whereabouts in the hours before her death, but it hasn’t added up to anything significant at this point,” Tweedy said.

Members of the police identification bureau scoured the third-floor suite for clues yesterday, dusting doorways and glass for fingerprints. The apartment appeared disheveled and a chesterfield bed was still unfolded.

Samples were taken from a trail of blood spots found on a stairwell, leading from the third floor to a side exit.

Tenants said the blood had been there since the murder is thought to have taken place. John Stump, who lives one floor below Anikejew, said he noticed it when he took his dog Snuffy out for a walk late Tuesday night.

“It was all down one side of the stairs, and at the time I thought somebody must have spilled strawberry jam,” Stump said. TO Star October 4, 1988 A6

Notes and questions

  • Some reports state she was also bludgeoned. TO Star August 31, 1990 B5
  • There is definitely a DNA sample on file.
  • Why no further request from police for more information at the time?

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